A R T   I N   L I F E

C R E A T E   T H E   E F F E C T  O F  Y O U R  E N V I R O N M E N T

Pika Foraging
View from Cedar Ridge Trail – Grand Canyon, Arizona
Wolf Necklace, was an 1880s Upper Yanktonais chief at Standing Rock.  Wolf Necklace guided 24 families and fought in the Whitestone Massacre of 1863.  An Indian agent changed his name to Dogskin, so today his descendants on Standing Rock go by Dogskin.


Riding “Bear” Back
Colorado Trail Kanosha Pass Colorado



E X P L O R E  ~ Q U E S T I O N ~ A N A L Y Z E  
 ~ R E S P E C T ~ N U R T U R E  
~ P O N D E R  ~ C R E A T E


Discover your natural gifts & abilities by exploring your interests.

Nurture and develop the body-habitat and mind-computer of your inherent being.  

Fine-tune your perception and insight, both inwardly and outwardly.

Explore~ Question~ Analyze ~ Ponder 

Respect yourself, other beings and other life forms.

With practice, one develops nuanced understanding, perspective, values, empathy, and wisdom.

Embrace change; seek integrity and authenticity.

Then, communicate, share, inspire and create.

 “Get Woke”   “Be Wise”   




 A   R E C I P E   F O R   A L L   S T Y L E  O F  R E A L I T Y


Seek to enact an Amazing ~ Happy ~ Satisfying ~ Peaceful ~ Creative
~ Constructive Life
Accept a Boring ~Anxious ~ Turbulent ~Empty  
~ Destructive Life


“Our nuanced knowledge and choice, actuate
Our Form of Reality”
Ti Tolpo Bader


“We Realize What We Elect”

Oligarchy & Neo-Capitalism are
Negative Forces in the Evolution of Life

Our planet could achieve a Positive Reality for All with Cooperative Effort for Change.

Ten simple words…. “If it is to be, it is up to me”

Kindred Spirits Unite