Carl Tolpo  

Portraitist / Painter / Sculptor

Carl Tolpo 
(1901-1976) settled with his wife Lily in Northwestern Illinois. 

His career included numerous Illinois State official portraits and sculptures including a Heroic Head of  President Abraham Lincoln at the Ford’s Theater in Washington,  DC and Waukegan, IL.

A Heroic Size  full figure of Senator Everett McKinley Dirksen is on the Capitol Grounds in Springfield, Illinois and a bust of Dirksen is in  Pekin , Il.

Every summer, Carl & Lily took their children, Ti, Vince, & Carolyn, on camping and painting excursions to Yellowstone and other National Parks of the American West… 

Reproductions of his paintings have been sold at The Haynes Picture Shop since 1939.

Sculptures of Abraham Lincoln  and limited Collectible Yellowstone Prints are available at:
 Lincoln Art by Tolpo  and 
 Yellowstone Art by Tolpo 


Carl Tolpo painting the La Conga Lily Portrait of his Muse & wife 


Little La Conga, portrait of his daughter, by Carl Tolpo 


Yellowstone Canyon 1970 onsite study for large mural by Carl Tolpo

The last painting of Yellowstone he painted on site is the largest ever done 9’x 16′.





 Lily Tolpo

Portraitist / Painter / Sculptor / Designer


 Lily Tolpo, 1917 -2015
Her art is found in private collections and public sites including the
 Lincoln and Douglas in Debate Statue 
in Freeport Illinois.

She also created the corten steel chandelier, “Law and Justice” for the Courthouse of Waukegan, Illinois.

Lily Tolpo was among  Laureates Inducted in 2009  for her  Lincoln Art  at: 

 The Lincoln Academy of Illinois 
Bicentennial Convocation

Reproductions of 

Reproductions of


Biographical Self Portrait of  Lily Tolpo


Lincoln & Douglas In Debate – Sculpture by Lily Tolpo



Carolyn  Tolpo  Smith

Fine Art Specialist/Painter/Writer

C. Tolpo Art from Hawaii to Florida include
Fine Art Portraiture and Custom Paintings.

Her book  Beauty Secrets For Life The Artpart  leads newspaper and online commentary,
The Artpart, since 1997.   

C. Tolpo art appears across the USA in private and public collections including: Hawaii State portraits, Minnesota Museum of American Art permanent collection, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum and the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery Catalog of American Portraits.








Vince Tolpo ~ Carolyn Lee Tolpo

Pottery/Metal Sculpture/
Ceramic Art/
Painting Wrapped Fiber-art

Since 1981 this husband and wife team, 
Vince Tolpo & Carolyn Lee Tolpo,
have created site-specific wrapped
Fiber-Art and Sculpture for public, corporate,
and residential spaces.

Their Pottery, Jewelry and paintings are also in collections throughout the U.S.A.

Their Shawnee Mountain Gallery is located
38 miles S.W.  of Denver, 55918 US Hwy 285, in Colorado Mountain country.

Visit Their : Website