L i f e  o f  A r t ~ A r t  o f  L i f e

         E x p l o r i n g   L i f e   T h r o u g h   A r t

My name is Ti {pronounced Tea, as in cup of tea} Tolpo Bader.

I was born from a lineage of professional Portrait/Landscape Artists & Sculptors.

I was exposed to the artist’s life of free expression while growing up in the family art studio of parents, Carl and Lily Tolpo, in Chicago, Illinois.

In the early years, I was a model for my parents studio projects. This gave me understanding from the sitter’s point of view.

While posing, mirrors were set up so I could observe and question as the process evolved, thus learning while posing.


Model Observing


Receiving Advice & Critique


 M a s t e r i n g  T e c h n i q u e

             E x c e l l i n g   T h r o u g h   P r a c t i c e

I started drawing and experimenting in various mediums with pointers, critiques, and consultations from my parents as 
I evolved with practice.  

I also gained additional knowledge from studying exhibits at the Art institute of Chicago, Philadelphia Art Museum, the Frick Museum in NYC, and the Metropolitan Art Museum in NYC.

My love of Nature, landscapes, and animals, developed during annual family summer-long painting and camping excursions to Yellowstone and other National Parks.


 P r o c e e d i n g  w i t h  L i f e

            F o l l o w i n g   O n e ‘s   I n t e r e s t s

My various abodes have been in the Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, and West… Now residing in Prescott, Arizona

Since 1986, I’ve created commissioned artwork throughout the United States and parts of Europe.  

Now, I’m exploring art creation with digital technology



Presentation of Tony Bennett’s Portrait