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The life-like paintings I create are inspired by beauty, expressive gesture, character, and spirit that the subject imbues.

Inspiration of persons, emerges through expressive character, gesture and essence in the eyes.

Animals elegance, their individual distinctive characteristics, mannerisms and spirit are what inspire.

Nature’s awesomeness, beauty, peace and perspective…the play
of light, color, and the boundless variety 
of presence in shapes,
captivate and stir.

Medias used are Ink Wash & Pen on Paper or Acrylics on Canvas 

Now I’m exploring the realm of
Digital Art.

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Tolpo Artists

Spirits of Limber Grove Trail -Colorado



 Art Possibilities


Hopi Maiden – Ink Wash & Pen


  Adults ~ Children ~ Babies ~ Seniors ~ Figurative ~ All Pets





In Spain with Dad – Acrylic on Canvas


Landscape Possibilities:
 Cityscapes ~ Skyscapes  ~ Ranches ~ Farms ~ Homesteads 




Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram – Gouache & Ink on Paper 

Nature & Wildlife

Wildlife Diversity ~ Plants ~ Flowers ~ Trees ~ All that Nature Provides





“I love your print of the
 wolf pup, “Little Lobo”.  
I had it printed on canvas.” 
Thank you so much,
J. Miller   

“So life-like.   My companion’s presence is always near. 
I talk to him every day.”     
Thank you.
 M. Gifford

“We received the painting of our lost Summer Cabin.  It gives us warm memories every time we see it.
Thank you for the beautiful job.” 
Well Done, 
The Koch Family